Your guide to the EU market's import rules and taxes

The European Union (EU) is the world's largest single market and the EU Trade Helpdesk is your one-stop-shop to access it. The EU is committed to helping exporters like you in its trade partner countries with the information you need to:

  • Make the most of the trade agreements we have put in place;
  • Bring your products onto the EU market.


  1. The European market

    The European market

    Learn about basic rules, import procedures and documents required to access the European single market of 28 countries and over 500 million consumers...

    Read more on how the EU classifies products

  2. Trade Agreements

    Rules of Origin

    Find out if your exports can benefit from one of many trade agreements the EU has signed with countries throughout the world.

    Rules of Origin

    How to claim a reduced duty under the Generalised Scheme of Preferences

  3. Statistics


    Check how much of your product the EU has imported since 2002 and from where.



  4. Import duties

    Import duties

    Whatever entry point into Europe you choose, the duties will be collected only once. Check whether you qualify for import duty relief or discount.

    Read more about import duties

  5. Regulations


    Goods imported into Europe need to fulfil technical, safety and labelling requirements and regulations as defined by EU laws. Find out more about them here.

    Policy areas

    Product related requirements and regulations

  6. Internal taxes

    Internal taxes

    Value Added Tax and excise duties vary in the 28 EU countries. Find out more and check specific tax levels.

    Read more about EU tax

So, how do I export to the EU?

Watch how to get the best access to the European Market with your product:

  1. Find the EU's import rules and regulations
  2. Import duties
  3. Documents to fill for customs

All in just a few minutes!


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Mr. Femi Boyede, Convener of "Export Digest"


  • From 1/1/2018 further GSP countries are expected to start using the REX system


    As of 1st January 2018 fourteen further GSP countries are expected to start applying the REX system. This means that the Form A certificate of origin will not be valid beyond that date.


    December 11, 2017
  • Better EU market access for Ukraine

    Since 1st October certain agricultural and industrial goods benefit from autonomous trade measures.

    October 13, 2017
  • New guidance document on allergen labelling

    The European Commission updated its instructions on allergen labelling based on Directive 2000/13/EC. The so-called "guidance document" is to inform consumers, businesses and national authorities on how to apply the new requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 related to the indication of the presence of certain substances or products causing allergies or intolerances.

    The Regulation obliges companies to provide information on certain substances when they could potentially cause allergies or intolerances.

    July 31, 2017