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Trade Regime


The requirements on this page reflect EU-wide requirements. Additional requirements may be needed for specific EU Member States. Please refer to the search form to view a complete list of requirements.

This group of requirements applies to several families of products, in particular sectors, which require specific documents for customs clearance (Export Licence with or without quantitative restrictions, Surveillance Document, Import Licence)

Trade Regime

Import licences and documents

Import licence for agricultural products
(Only required for products imported under preferential conditions) Import licences allow and oblige importers to bring in specific goods into the EU. Although some products do not need an import licence, there are other products which have extra import licence regulations. 

Import licence for textile products

Prior Union surveillance for iron and steel products
Iron and steel products whose net weight exceeds 2500 kilograms must undergo prior Union surveillance (with the correct document).

General Product Safety

General Product Safety

This includes requirements for Products not convered by specific safety provisions in the EU or national law.