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Trade Regime


The requirements on this page reflect EU-wide requirements. Additional requirements may be needed for specific EU Member States. Please refer to the search form to view a complete list of requirements.

Trade Regime

This group of requirements applies to several families of products, in particular sectors, which require specific documents for customs clearance.

Import licences and documents

Import licence for agricultural products
Imports of selected products are subject to the prior issue of an import licence (the import certificate) by the competent authority of the importing Member State.

Import requirements for firearms and warlike material
Firearms and warlike material are not specifically treated in this database.

Prior Union surveillance for iron and steel products
Imports of iron and steel products whose net weight exceeds 2500 kilograms are subject to prior Union surveillance, requiring the presentation of specific documents.

General Product Safety

General Product Safety

This includes general safety, health and consumer protection requirements for products not covered by more specific safety requirements elsewhere in the Helpdesk website.