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Travel expenses

DG Trade makes available a limited budget to cover travel expenses for participants in the Civil Society Dialogue (CSD) meetings.

Payment of travel arrangements shall be limited to economy class flights or second class train journeys, and this only for the main part of the journey - the coverage does not include taxi, subsistence or accommodation costs. The Commission provides for a prior purchase of the tickets.

The travel arrangements proposed by the European Commission will be with the most appropriate means of transport, the most cost-effective solution and in accordance with the meetings schedule.

Payments are limited to one person per organisation, and ten persons per meeting, on a first-come first-served basis. Payments are limited to 3 per year per person or organisation.

Eligibility criteria


  • must be based in the EU;
  • must neither be based in Brussels nor have an office in Brussels; 
  • must not be members of European institutions or other EU bodies; 
  • must be representatives of civil society organisations registered in the database of DG Trade
  • should provide additional input on trade related-issues dealt with in the CSD meetings, and contribute to a more balanced overall representation of EU's civil society.


  • Meetings for which travel expenses arrangements can be requested are identified as such on the DG Trade website.
  • Candidates should indicate their request when registering for a meeting. Such applications shall be accepted until up to 14 working days before the relevant meeting (or as specified in the meeting invitation). DG Trade will accept or reject the bid within 10 working days of receipt of such a request. 
  • The participants shall be able to follow the status of their request by accessing their file on the CSD website.
  • Participants who have been granted coverage of their travel expenses shall have to sign an attendance sheet, available at the meeting venue. No change of person can be made, once approval has been granted.
  • Once the coverage of travel expenses has been granted, absences to the meeting must be duly justified. The Commission is entitled to refuse future travel payments to missing funded participants.