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Public Consultation on Modernisation of Trade Defence Instruments

  • Policy field: Trade Defence Instruments
  • Target group: All stakeholders
  • Closing Date: Completed - 03/07/2012

Objective of the consultation

With this initiative, DG TRADE would like to explore ways on how to modernise its trade defence instruments by drawing on the experience and obtaining the views of all stakeholders.

While the economic environment has changed significantly over the last decade and keeps changing continuously, the rules of the EU's trade defence instruments (TDI) have remained largely unchanged for more than 15 years. TDIs are often the only means that companies have in order to react to unfair international trading practices. At the same time, the application of TDIs can have an impact on users and consumers. Taking into account the economic environment that companies are presently faced with, DG TRADE considers that the time is right to take stock of the strong and weak points of the current TDI rules, as part of a discussion on whether and if so, how to adapt them in a balanced way, for the benefit of all stakeholders.
More information on the initiative.

For additional information on the modernisation exercise please contact us by e-mail

The consultation

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Trade Defence Conference
On 10 May 2012, the Commission organised a High-level Conference on the Modernisation of Trade Defence Instruments in Brussels in order to present and discuss the modernisation initiative.


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