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EU and US call for input on regulatory issues for possible future trade agreement

  • Policy field: Transatlantic Trade
  • Target group: All Stakeholders
  • Closing Date: Completed - 31/10/2012

Objective of the consultation

EU and US senior officials are today asking for concrete suggestions on how to make regulatory regimes more compatible across the Atlantic. Most businesses want to limit regulatory costs and red tape. Reducing non-tariff and behind the border barriers is therefore a key issue in trans-Atlantic trade and two public consultations have been conducted on this subject previously. The High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth is looking into these issues and would welcome more detailed input. 

Previous consultation by the European Commission
Previous consultation by the US Government 

What exactly do we expect?

We expect to receive detailed and coordinated input from stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic. Creative, out-of-the box proposals will be required to address regulatory differences that unnecessarily impede trade. This joint letter from the EU and the US Government provides some guidance and invites contributions by 31 October 2012. It is addressed to industry associations and other interested stakeholders.

Contributions should be sent to: and

Results of the joint solicitation

Full list of contributors and their individual replies.

How will we use your input?

Your input will help define immediate and longer-term goals and mechanisms to accomplish greater regulatory compatibility, and set the course for ongoing work in the High Level Working Group on regulatory issues and technical barriers to trade.

What will happen next?

We plan to explore your suggestions at a meeting in the fall involving EU and U.S. regulators, economic policy agencies and stakeholders.

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