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Online consultation on EU-Mexico FTA

  • Policy field: Trade
  • Target group: All stakeholders
  • Closing Date: Completed - 31/08/2015

Objective of the consultation

In 2013, the EU and Mexico decided jointly “to explore the options for a comprehensive update of the Economic Partnership, Political Co-ordination and Co-operation Agreement between the EU and Mexico”. [see paragraph 22 of the 2013 EU-CELAC Summit Declaration held in Santiago de Chile].

They then set up an EU-Mexico Joint Working Group to explore possible options for modernising the FTA. The Joint Working Group delivered its final report at the EU-Mexico summit held on 12 June 2015, upon which the leaders of both parties announced a commitment “to launch, in 2015, the process of starting negotiations, according to the legal framework of each side”. [see paragraph 3 of the EU-Mexico Summit Declaration]

The online consultation launched today aims to ensure that all relevant stakeholders have an opportunity to comment on all the aspects of the Impact Assessment that will accompany the Commission’s recommendation to launch the negotiations for updating the FTA.

The EU is Mexico's second biggest export market after the USA, and Mexico's third largest source of imports after the USA and China.
The online consultation will be open for two months.

Introduction to the Public Consultation

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More information

EU-CELAC Summit Declaration (held in Santiago de Chile, 2013)

EU-Mexico Summit Declaration