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Call for proposals for regulatory cooperation activities in the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) under CETA

  • Policy field: Trade
  • Target group: All stakeholders and interested parties
  • Closing Date: Completed - 16/02/2018

Objective of the consultation


The EU - Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) entered into force provisionally on 21 September 2017. Work is now underway to set up its institutional structure to govern the different aspects of the Agreement and ensure its correct implementation.

In its institutional structure CETA includes a mechanism to develop further voluntary regulatory cooperation between the Parties, called the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF).

The cooperation in the RCF is always voluntary and in no way limits the ability of the Parties to carry out its own regulatory, legislative and policy activities.

Chapter 21 of CETA defines a broad scope for such activities under the RCF, such as for instance regulatory measures related to technical barriers to trade, sanitary phytosanitary aspects, trade in services, trade and sustainable development, trade and labour, trade and environment, with the objectives to contribute to the protection of human life, health or safety, animal or plant life or health and the environment; avoid and reduce unnecessary regulatory differences; or reduce administrative burden and unnecessary duplication.

To prepare the first meeting of the RCF tentatively scheduled to take place mid-2018 (date to be determined), the Commission is seeking to develop a list of potential topics where EU and Canadian regulators can meaningfully cooperate in the future. This list of topics could guide the exchanges of regulators in future RCF meetings.

With this objective in mind the Commission invites input from all stakeholders and interested parties, including representatives from academia, think-tanks, civil society, non-governmental organisations, trade unions, businesses, consumer and other organisations in identifying sectors/issues where there is a high interest for regulatory cooperation with Canada, such as for instance in relation to new technological developments. Another area where the EU and Canada can work together could be to promote common regulatory approaches in international fora.

The Commission would like to stress that proposals in this regard should be forward looking and not duplicate present activities of cooperation covered by other parts of the Agreement.

We would encourage joint submissions from associations and organisations representing different stakeholders from the EU and Canada.

Please send your proposal to and by 16 February 2018.

In case of questions, please contact: and


Association of German Cities
BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation
Business Finland
CEUTIA - Canada EU Trade and Investment Association
CICCP - Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Citizen - Juan Carlos Barros
Confederation of Danish Industry
Consejo General de Colegios Farmacéuticos (CGCOF)
Djurens Rätt/Animal Rights Sweden
Eurogroup for Animals
Freshfel - European Fresh Produce Association

Friends of the Earth Sweden
Irish Environmental Network
Joint submission by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada and the European Chemical Industry Council (CIAC-Cefic)
Joint submission by the European Federation of Geologists and Geoscientists Canada
Joint submission by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies and Confederation of Inspection and Certification Bodies
Netzwerk Gerechter Welthandel
Orgalime – European Engineering Industries Association
Polish Government
T&E - Transport and Environment
Unión Profesional
VCP - The Trade Union Confederation for Professionals of the Netherlands
vzbv - The Federation of German Consumer Organisations