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Registration of organisations

Participating to meetings

How do I participate to a meeting?
  • To be able to participate to a meeting, your organisation must be registered in the Civil Society Dialogue database. (See how to register below)
  • Once your organisation's registration has been accepted and/or your personal account activated you will be invited to meetings by email.
How do I know that my participation to a meeting is confirmed?

There are two ways of knowing whether your participation to a meeting has been accepted:

  • You can check the registration summary of the meeting you have signed up for.
  • You will receive an e-mail as soon as your participation has been accepted. For this reason, it is important that your e-mail address is always up to date in EU Login.
How are my personal data processed?

To be registered in our Civil Society Database, you will be required to read and agree with the privacy statement for the CSD database.

Once your organisation is registered in the database and that your personal account has been created, you can register for Civil Society Dialogue meetings. Upon registration to each meeting, you can agree/disagree to be part of webstreaming, video-audio recordings and publication activities.

Read how your data are processed.

Registration of organisations

How do I register my organisation and/or myself?
  • Before making a new request, check that your organisation fits the Requirements.
  • The Civil Society Dialogue Team will examine your request and inform you by e-mail if your organisation's registration is accepted.
  • The conditions to form part of CSD are to be not-for-profit, based in the EU and having signed up in the EU Transparency register. You also need an EU Login account to authenticate.
  • Once your organisation is validated and your personal account is activated, you will be allowed to register for meetings.

Not part of the dialogue yet? Register your organisation

You see your organisation in the list of Registered Organisations, but don't have access? Request access

Authentication and login

What account do I need to login to the website?
What should I do if I've lost my EU Login password or don't remember my EU Login account ?


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