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The Transparency register

The Transparency register lists all the organisations willing to promote integrity and legitimacy in their relations with the European institutions. All civil society organisations and interest representatives that engage in influencing the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European  institutions are invited to register.

In signing up, organisations are asked to accept a Code of Conduct and to provide information about their activities: what is their mission, who do they represent, and how they are funded. This ensures that both policymakers and the public can assess the strength of the interests promoting a particular policy.

Enroll your organisation in the Transparency register

The Consultation Mechanism

The Commission approach to consultation with stakeholders is established by the 'Minimum Standards for Consultation' adopted in 2002 ( COM (2002)704). With these standards, the Commission aims to ensure that all relevant parties are properly and equally consulted.

Position Papers

In order to enhance dialogue with Civil Society and to improve transparency, DG TRADE welcomes position papers from civil society stakeholders on trade issues.

By position papers, we mean reports that explain, justify or recommend a course of action on a policy or on a particular trade related issue. Documents such as newsletters, brochures and announcements are not considered position papers.

Guidelines for including position papers.