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  1. Policy : Consultation note on a renewed trade policy for a stronger Europe
    • Abstract: the European Commission is launching a review of the EU’s trade and investment policy. Two key objectives are driving this process. First, to assess how trade policy can contribute to a swift and sustainable socio-economic recovery, reinforcing competitiveness in the post-Covid 19 environment, addressing the challenges the EU will face, and helping to promote our values and standards. Second, to see how trade policy can help build a stronger EU based on a model of “Open Strategic Autonomy” ̶ reaping the benefits of openness for our businesses, workers and consumers, while protecting them from unfair practices and building up our resilience to be better equipped for future challenges.
    • Languages:
    • 16 June 2020
    • Type: Issues and policies
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF

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