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Trade policy and you Brussels, 23 June 2015

European Trade Policy Day

This page describes past events and is no longer updated.

EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström is holding a European Trade Policy Day. The event will bring together a broad spectrum of high-level speakers. Stakeholders from civil society, the European Parliament, trade unions, business and academia will have the opportunity to put forward their views and ideas on European trade policy.

Report of the European Trade Policy Day

The goals of the European Union's trade policy – creating growth and jobs in Europe, promoting development around the world, strengthening ties with important trading partners – are laid down in the EU's founding treaties. However, the best way to accomplish these goals changes depending on the global context, and the landscape in which our trade policy currently operates is dramatically different from what it used to be five years ago.

As with previous strategies, our approach will be outlined in a Communication from the Commission. After a thorough assessment of the current global and EU economic context, the Communication will describe our strategy for the next five years.

The Commission aims to release the new strategy in the autumn. It will spend the first part of the year on preparation, consulting EU Member States, Members of the European Parliament and the broad range of organisations with an interest in trade policy.

The European Trade Policy Day is part of that consultation process. Participants will be able to discuss key aspects of the EU's trade policy, including on:

  • The economic impact of an open trade policy
  • Delivering results through bilateral free trade agreements
  • Delivering results through the WTO
  • Sustainable development
  • Relations with strategic partners
  • How trade negotiations and agreements work

Places are limited. If the event is oversubscribed, the organiser may need to select participants whilst ensuring the broadest possible representation of civil society.

Who can attend

You are welcome to join us if you represent a Europe-based:

  • Non-governmental organisation
  • Consumers’ association
  • Trade union or labour rights group
  • Professional organisation
  • Industry or business association
  • Other civil society organisation
  • Individual company 
  • Academic institution
  • Media organisation
  • Diplomatic mission

You are also welcome to join us if you work for or represent a:

  • European, national or regional parliament
  • European institution


Practical information

Watch the welcome address by Director General Demarty, the keynote speech by Commissioner Malmström, the discussion of the planary panel and the closing remarks.

Programme of European Trade Policy Day

More on the new trade strategy.