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Policy Brussels, 5 December 2017

European Trade Policy Day - Trade Policy in a Turbulent World - 5 December 2017

This page describes past events and is no longer updated.

We are pleased to announce this year’s European Trade Policy Day. Entitled ’Trade Policy in a Turbulent World’, the conference will be based on a series of discussions on current trade policy issues with leading businessmen and women, stakeholders, experts and journalists.

The programme

The event will be webstreamed all day:

Trade policy remains at the centre of public debate. Since the European Commission launched its ‘Trade For All’ strategy in 2015, we have seen mounting challenges for international trade. There are renewed doubts about the effects of globalisation, questions about the purpose and value of trade agreements, and the real danger of protectionist resurgence.

In response, we need a trade policy that is effective, transparent and based on values more than ever before. The fundamentals of the Trade for All strategy continue to guide our approach: openness combined with high standards remains the most fitting way to make globalisation work for all Europeans. Building on this, at his speech on the State of the European Union, on 13 September President Juncker announced a package of trade policy initiatives.

Earlier this year, we agreed an Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan, the world’s fourth largest economy. It sends a powerful signal that two of the world’s biggest economies reject protectionism. CETA – our trade agreement with Canada – entered into force on 21 September. We are modernising our trade agreement with Mexico, we have re-started our trade talks with the South American trading bloc Mercosur, and we have proposed launching negotiations for trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand.

Yet in these turbulent times, despite progress we face many challenges. To what extent can a progressive trade policy in itself be part of the answer to the backlash against globalisation? How can a Europe that protects best deal with those that globalisation has ‘left behind’? How can we best deal with new challenges such as ‘alternative facts’? And as we head towards the third decade of the century, where should our priorities for trade policy lie?

These are the sort of issues that will be discussed at this year’s ‘European Trade Policy Day – Trade Policy in a Turbulent World’ in Brussels. The conference will be based on a series of discussions with businessmen and women, stakeholders and experts.

The conference is part of the Commission’s commitment to step up its efforts to promote a deeper dialogue with civil society at large. It will enable Commissioner Malmström and her colleagues to have an open and frank discussion with civil society, business, stakeholders and experts about EU trade policy and the challenges ahead.

The conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium. Details in the programme.

Registration is now closed.