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The EU and the WTO World Trade Organization Headquarters, Geneva, Room W, 17:00-18:30

WTO Public Forum 2018 - Make the playing field level again! (Ensuring global fair trade by 2030)

This page describes past events and is no longer updated.

This session of the WTO Public Forum is organised by the European Commission, United States Trade Representative (USTR), and the Government of Japan

Effectively, "fair trade" is a synonym for "sustainable trade". However, in many respects today's trade is unfair as economic operators in a number of countries benefit from targeted and significant market-distorting government support. This triggers and further reinforces anti-trade sentiments among stakeholders who cannot fully reap the benefits of free trade. The most significant distortion in international trade is subsidies and other types of support from governments and government-sponsored institutions. Addressing these issues is a key component of our shared goal to have sustainable and inclusive trade by 2030.

Speakers in this working session will identify and discuss the most harmful types of subsidies resulting in an uneven playing field, creating significant negative externalities. The speakers will discuss whether WTO members are currently able to defend themselves against such subsidies, and whether the WTO rulebook on subsidies needs to be improved and updated.

Jimmy Goodrich, Vice President Global Policy, Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Jennifer Hillman, Professor, Georgetown University Law Center
Orlando Perez Garate, Director General for International Trade Rules, Ministry of Economy of Mexico
Mark Wu, Professor, Harvard Law School

John Magnus, President, TradeWins LLC

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