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Tunisia | 13 October 2015

EU to launch trade negotiation with Tunisia

Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has launched today negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between the EU and Tunisia.

The EU wants to mark its support to the political and economic reforms in the country by creating an ambitious partnership on trade and investment matters. In Tunis, Commissioner Malmström will also meet recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Commenting on the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize award to the group of civil society organisations that had played a key role in the country's post-Arab Spring period, Cecilia Malmström said: "This prize is well-deserved! The Tunisian road to democracy has been a source of inspiration and hope for all of us. I look forward to personally conveying my congratulations when I visit Tunis next week. We need to keep working for closer ties between the EU and Tunisia, and to support the country's progress going forward. Closer trade relations play an important role here."

During her visit in Tunis, Commissioner Malmström will meet with Prime Minister Habib Essid and Minister of Trade Ridha Lahouel, the organisations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: UTICA, UGTT, the Tunesian Order of Lawyers and the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human rights, as well as members of the Tunisian National Assembly, with whom she will discuss their expectations and ambitions regarding the future of EU-Tunisia commercial relations.

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