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Mercosur | Brussels, 23 June 2016

Mercosur - EU joint communique

As announced in Brussels on 11 May, MERCOSUR and the European Union held a meeting on 22 and 23 June to take stock of the negotiation and to prepare for the resumption of negotiating rounds in the second semester of the year.

In this respect, both sides provided answers to questions regarding the offers exchanged last month on market access on goods, services and establishment as well as government procurement, without prejudice to those that may arise in the course of negotiations. Both sides also reviewed the status of the various negotiating texts and indicated areas where updating would be necessary.

Chief negotiators expressed their satisfaction with the results of the productive and constructive meeting.

Lastly, the chief negotiators agreed on a work schedule to prepare for the next meeting of the Bi-regional Negotiations Committee, which will take place in October in Brussels.