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Dispute settlement | Brussels

Commissioner Malmström welcomes stakeholder input on ways to protect investment

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström today invited stakeholders to provide their assessment of the impacts and implications of a possible new multilateral system for resolving investment disputes.

Though the existing system of dispute settlement – known as investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS) – has been in place for decades, with EU investors the main beneficiaries, the Commissioner notes that "questions have been raised about its fairness and impartiality".

The investment court system included in more recent trade agreements such as Canada and Vietnam is a "big step forward", notes the Commissioner, for example improving the transparency of legal proceedings; but the Commission is now consulting on other options, including a possible multilateral system.

Today's event, conducted as part of this consultation, gathers over one hundred stakeholders, including representatives from trade unions, business organisations, consumer organisations, law firms, and academia; with others able to follow online.


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