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Mercosur | Brussels, 10 April 2017 - Updated on 23 October 2017

Commission publishes latest round report and EU proposals for trade agreement with Mercosur

The Commission today published - as part of its commitment to a more transparent trade and investment policy – a report summarising the progress made during the latest round of negotiations for a trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) which took place in Buenos Aires during the week of 20 March.

During the round, the EU tabled textual proposals on Trade and Sustainable Development, Transparency, access to energy and raw materials, an annex on technical barriers to trade in the automotive sector, and a proposal on agriculture including provisions on bilateral and multilateral cooperation, wine and spirits, and other topics.

These proposals are now also available online on DG Trade's Transparency in Action portal. The latest round of negotiations included meetings in working groups covering 15 different areas. Parties also agreed to merge their proposals into consolidated texts and, in the area of competition, reached provisional agreement on a full text. After the round, the EU and Mercosur also published a joint communiqué. Both sides agreed to hold an inter-sessional round in Buenos Aires at the end of May. The next full round is scheduled before the summer break. More information on the EU-Mercosur talks is available on the website of DG Trade.

The report

The EU textual proposals: