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Policy | Brussels, 14th September 2017

State of the EU 2017 - Trade package

Following President Juncker’s State of the Union speech, the Commission presented a package of trade and investment measures. It responds to the current opportunities and challenges the EU faces while furthering its essential interests and keeps the EU at the forefront of efforts to craft an ever more progressive trade policy.

Documents relating to this package are detailed below.

Press release

New trade communication

Trade for All progress report
Today's trade package also includes a progress report on the EU trade policy strategy "Trade for All" looking at its implementation two years on.

Investment screening
The Commission will ensure that foreign investment remains a major source of growth in the EU while protecting the EU's essential interests. A dedicated Communication outlining the strategic need for such a screening

Multilateral investment court
This major innovation in global governance would be yet another step towards a more transparent, coherent and fair approach to deal with company complaints under investment protection agreements.

Trade Agreements
These agreements would build on the recent successful agreements with Canada, Vietnam, Singapore as well as Japan among others, expanding the alliance of partners committed to progressive rules for global trade.


New Zealand

Advisory group

The Commission has also decided to create an expert group on EU trade agreements. The group will allow the Commission to engage with civil society and gather more easily different perspectives and insights from a wide and balanced group of stakeholders.

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