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CETA factsheet and guides

Find out more about the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

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General factsheets

  1. An overview of CETA  -  (other languages)
    The 7 main parts of the agreement
  2. CETA and agriculture  -  (other languages)
    How EU agriculture benefits
  3. The strategic benefits of CETA  -  (other languages)
    Working together to shape globalisation
  4. Safeguards in CETA  -  (other languages)
    Six ways CETA guarantees the EU's interests
  5. Standards and values in CETA  -  (other languages)
    A progressive agreement for sustainable development
  6. In figures  -  (other languages)
    The EU-Canada trade relationship
  7. The negotiating process  -  (other languages)
    Reaching a deal

Factsheets and infographics on individual EU countries

Brochure for businesses - benefits, chapter by chapter (other languages)

Guide to the CETA Rules of Origin (including translations)

Rules on origin for textiles and clothing - (other languages)

Guide to geographical indications in Canada - (other languages)

Procurement guide (including translations)
Second Procurement Guide

EU Exporter Guide for alternatives to Methyl Bromide Treatment for exporting certain plant products to Canada (including translations) - Webinar

CETA Guide on business and professional services

CETA Report for EU Services Suppliers

Clean Technology Market Entry Handbook

Study on standards in Canada

CETA Report on the mobility of professionals

CETA Information and Communication Technology Market Entry Guide

CETA and Canada Standards 101

CETA Market Entry Guide on Agri-food

CETA Report on Canadian Intellectual property rights (IPRs)

Leveraging CETA as a platform to expand to other markets

Meet the CETA champions

Exporters' stories (Other languages available)

Joint EU-Canada Statement (27/10/2016)

A Joint Interpretative Instrument confirms what's been agreed in areas of public .