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Canada | Brussels, 20 September 2017

CETA factsheet and guides

Find out more about the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

How to export to Canada (Video)

General factsheets

  1. An overview of CETA  -  (other languages)
    The 7 main parts of the agreement
  2. CETA and agriculture  -  (other languages)
    How EU agriculture benefits
  3. The strategic benefits of CETA  -  (other languages)
    Working together to shape globalisation
  4. Safeguards in CETA  -  (other languages)
    Six ways CETA guarantees the EU's interests
  5. Standards and values in CETA  -  (other languages)
    A progressive agreement for sustainable development
  6. In figures  -  (other languages)
    The EU-Canada trade relationship
  7. The negotiating process  -  (other languages)
    Reaching a deal

Factsheets and infographics on individual EU countries

Brochure for businesses - benefits, chapter by chapter
(other languages)

Guide to the CETA Rules of Origin

Rules on origin for textiles and clothing - (other languages)

Guide to geographical indications in Canada - (other languages)

Procurement guide

EU Exporter Guide for alternatives to Methyl Bromide Treatment for exporting certain plant products to Canada - Webinar

Meet the CETA champions

Exporters' stories (Other languages available)

Joint EU-Canada Statement (27/10/2016)

A Joint Interpretative Instrument confirms what's been agreed in areas of public .