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Mercosur | Brussels, Last update 28 November 2018

Latest round reports and EU proposals for the trade agreement with Mercosur

The Commission has published a series of reports summarising the progress made during the negotiation rounds for a trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) since these negotiations were resumed in October 2016. This is part of its commitment to a more transparent trade and investment policy.

The EU's textual proposals

Meetings with civil society

Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 15/01/2019
Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 06/09/2018
Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 20/03/2018
Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 17/01/2017
Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 04/07/2017
Update on EU-Mercosur trade negotiations - 06/09/2017
Civil Society Dialogue: Mercosur Sustainability Impact Assessment – Draft Inception Report - 13/10/2017
Update on EU-Mercosur Trade Negotiations - 22/11/2017

Negotiation round reports
(publishing date)
Report of round 38, April 2019
Report of round 37, January 2019
Report of round 36, December 2018
Report of round 35, September 2018
Report of round 34, July 2018
Report of round 33, June 2018
Report of round 32, March 2018
Report of round 31, December 2017
Report of round 30, November 2017
Report of round 29, October 2017
Report of round 28, July 2017
Report from the 27th negotiation round (joint communiqué) (March 2017)
Report from the 26th negotiation round (October 2016)

Impact Assessments

Ongoing Sustainability Impact Assessment
Previous Position Paper and Reports (2009-2010)


Joint communiqué: MERCOSUR-EU Ministerial Meeting, Santiago, Chile - 26/01/2013
Assessment of barriers to trade and investment between the EU and Mercosur, 16/11/2011
Documents for other negotiations on Transparency in Action
Current EU-Mercosur trade