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Indonesia | Brussels, 26 February 2018

EU completes fourth round of trade negotiations with Indonesia

EU negotiators were in Surakarta from 19 to 23 February 2018 for the 4th round of trade and investment negotiations with Indonesia.

Over the course of the round the negotiating teams covered the full range of issues in the free trade agreement, including trade in goods, technical barriers to trade, services, investments, the investment court system, rules of origin, trade and sustainable development, intellectual property rights and government procurement.

During this round, the teams made progress on the chapters on food and plant health, technical barriers to trade, investment and services. Talks were held in a constructive spirit.

The final aim in the EU-Indonesia negotiations is to conclude an ambitious and a mutually beneficial free trade agreement. The Commission will publish a detailed report of the round in due course.

The fifth round of negotiations will be held before the summer in Brussels, at a date yet to be confirmed.

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