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Japan | Brussels, 26 April 2018

EU-Japan investment negotiations: chief negotiators meet today to discuss next steps

The new Chief Negotiator for investment protection at the European Commission, Maria Martin-Prat, today met her Japanese counterpart, Deputy Director-General Tsutomu Koizumi, from the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs, to continue negotiations on investment protection standards and dispute resolution.

The chief negotiators acknowledged that significant progress had been made so far, with a large degree of convergence between the two sides. However, further discussions were needed to better understand each other's positions on the main issue that remains open: the mechanism for resolving investment protection disputes.

The chief negotiators reiterated their intention to conclude the talks swiftly, in light of their shared commitment to a stable and secure investment environment in Europe and Japan. The next negotiating meeting is planned to take place in Brussels before the summer break.


On 18 April 2018, the European Commission presented to the Council the outcome of the negotiations for an EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement finalised in December last year. This is the first step towards the signature and conclusion of this agreement. Separate negotiations on investment protection continue in parallel.