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Trade defence | Brussels, 18 May 2018

EU publishes list of US products for potential re-balancing duties

Today, the EU has notified to the WTO a list of US products on which the EU may in the future apply extra import duties. This would be to compensate in an equivalent manner for the impact of the US tariff measures on steel and aluminium, which the EU considers to be safeguard measures in effect, should they enter into force.

This notification follows the publication of the list in the EU's Official Journal. This is a procedural step to preserve the EU's rights and interests under the WTO Agreement on Safeguards, requiring the notifying Member, the EU in this case, to give written notice before it can proceed to the suspension of trade concessions of another member, in this case of the United States.

The suspension of concessions is a necessary step in case the EU would at a later stage not be exempted from the duties and decide to impose additional customs duties on imports from the US. The EU may also decide to revise or change its list should that be necessary or appropriate.

This notification does not result in any immediate imposition of additional duties on imports from the US. Should the EU decide to go ahead with the additional import duties, this step would be taken in full compliance with the rules under the WTO Safeguard Agreement.

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