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Tunisia | Brussels, 4 June 2018

EU and Tunisia complete second round of negotiations for deep and comprehensive trade agreement

The EU and Tunisian negotiators met in Tunis from 28 to 31 May for the 2nd full round of negotiations for an agreement on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

On the first day of the round, negotiations teams met jointly representatives of civil society including from trade unions, employers organisations and non-governmental organisations to discuss how they see the opportunities and challenges of a future DCFTA.

In this round, the teams went in-depth into each chapter to identify the issues that will need more focus during this year with the aim of reaching a political conclusion of the negotiations by 2019. The discussions were focussed and constructive in each group, with a particular progress made on provisions on geographical indications, on competition as well as on trade and sustainable development. A new text on energy and raw materials was tabled by the EU.

As usual, a joint EU-Tunisia report on the results of the round will be published on the EU Trade website shortly.

A third full round is expected to take place in the autumn in Brussels.

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