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China | Brussels, 24 July 2018

Commission reports on latest negotiation rounds and proposals with Indonesia and China

As part of its commitment to transparent trade negotiations, the Commission has today published reports from the latest talks towards a trade agreement with Indonesia and an investment agreement with China.

The fifth round of negotiations for a trade agreement between the EU and Indonesia took place in Brussels from 9 to 13 July 2018. Discussions were held in a very friendly atmosphere and good progress was made on most chapters.

Tariff offers were exchanged before the round and this provided a basis for good discussions. Good progress was made on services and investment, clearing the way towards an exchange of offers in those areas at the next round. Talks also covered details of future arrangements on sustainable development. The Commission has also published today two new text proposals, including on the rules of procedure for state-to-state dispute settlement and on the concept of originating products eligible for future tariff reductions. The sixth round will be held during the week of 15 October in Indonesia.

The 18th round of the EU-China investment agreement negotiations took place in Brussels on 12 and 13 July. The discussions covered essentially subjects such as expropriation, national treatment, fair and equitable treatment and sustainable development. The 19th round is tentatively scheduled for 29-30 October in Beijing. The exact agenda and timing are yet to be confirmed.

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