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Mercosur | Brussels, 6 September 2018

EU Chief Negotiator updates civil society on state of negotiations with Mercosur trade bloc

On Thursday 6 September the European Commission held a meeting with the civil society representatives on the state of play of trade negotiations between the EU and Mercosur, the international body representing Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

At the meeting, EU Chief Negotiator and Deputy Director-General for Trade Sandra Gallina gave a short presentation on the progress made in negotiations so far. She then opened up the floor to participants representing business, trade unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations on the issues of particular interest to them

The Chief Negotiator recalled that the EU and Mercosur negotiating teams met in Brussels, from 9 to 17 July for a full round of negotiations which was followed by a ministerial meeting on 18 and 19 July. The meeting allowed for a good and thorough stocktaking and assessment of the progress achieved so far. It also confirmed the strong political commitment of both sides to reach an agreement, but there is still work to be done and differences to bridge in several areas, notably on cars and car parts, geographical indications, maritime services and dairy. Solutions to very important EU interests in these areas are still outstanding and will need to be addressed to allow a successful conclusion of the process.

The EU and Mercosur negotiating teams will meet again in Montevideo, Uruguay from 10 to 14 September. The EU is committed to a successful conclusion of an ambitious and balanced agreement with Mercosur, as soon as the necessary elements are present.

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