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Trade defence | Brussels, 13 February 2019

Commission puts in place duties on subsidised biodiesel from Argentina

Today, the Commission imposed definitive anti-subsidy measures on imports of biodiesel from Argentina. In parallel, the Commission adopted a decision accepting sustainable price commitments (known as undertakings) from eight Argentine producers and the Argentinian Chamber of Biofuels (CARBIO) that will exempt the exporting producers from the duties within an agreed import limit.

The undertaking is expected to eliminate the damaging effects of the subsidised imports. To ensure compliance to their commitment in this respect, the Commission will carefully monitor the implementation of the undertaking. The duties for those who would not respect this "price undertaking" range from 25% to 33.4%.

The entry into force of the duties concludes an intensive year-long investigation. The Commission's analysis showed that Argentine subsidised production threatens the economic situation of the EU industry and that imposing trade defence measures would be in line with the overall EU interest. The Commission's approach had received broad support from the EU Member States.

The regulation imposing the duties, as well as the decision concerning the price undertaking are available online.

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