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Agreements | Brussels, 17 April 2019

Commission reports on progress in trade talks with Chile and Australia

As part of its transparency commitment, the Commission today published reports summarising the progress made during the latest negotiating rounds with Australia (25 to 29 March) and Chile (1 to 5 April).

The third round of negotiations with Australia confirmed a shared commitment to achieve an ambitious and comprehensive agreement. The round covered discussions in almost all thematic groups and the negotiators started putting together parts of the text agreeable to both sides. The fourth negotiation round of talks with Australia is scheduled for July 2019.

Fruitful discussions also took place during the lasts, fourth round of negotiations for the modernisation of the trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement. The negotiators made substantial progress in a significant number of chapters including on food safety and sanitary rules, technical obstacles in trade, good regulatory practices, customs, rules of origin, trade in commercial services, competition rules and rules supporting trade by smaller companies.

EU proposals for sustainable development chapters in the future agreements with Australia and New Zealand are now also available online.

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