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The EU and the WTO | Brussels, 9 June 2019

G20 Trade and Digital Economy Ministers adopt statement in Tsukuba

Commissioner Malmström attended the meeting of G20 Trade and Digital Economy Ministers held in Tsukuba (Japan) on 8 and 9 June 2019.

She reminded the importance of delivering on the reform of the WTO mandated by G20 Leaders, highlighting the need to preserve and ensure the proper operation of the WTO dispute settlement system.

She further expressed concerns on trade tensions and their escalation and made a strong call for rules-based solutions to deescalate. In this regard, she stressed the need to address market distortions, in particular through strengthened international rules on industrial subsidies, as well as via the acceleration of work towards new international disciplines on export credits, the implementation of the commitments undertaken in the Global Forum on Steel Excess capacity and the prolongation of this Forum”

G20 Trade and Digital Economy Ministers adopted a Statement. In addition, a Chair statement reflected the prevailing views of members in trade issues of EU interest where consensus on a ministerial statement could not be achieved.

G20 Ministerial Statement on Trade and Digital Economy (for trade, see pages 8 to 10)
The Chair statement

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