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South Korea | Brussels, last updated 30 March 2020

EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) - Meetings and documents

The European Commission publishes information regarding the committees established under the EU-South Korea free trade agreement. This is part of its commitment to a more transparent and inclusive trade and investment policy.

Committees, Dialogues and Working Groups

Committee on Trade in Goods

8th meeting – 7 February 2020: Joint Minutes

Working Group on Motor Vehicles and Car Parts

Meeting – 6 February 2020: Joint Minutes 

Working Group on Government Procurement

5th meeting – 6 November 2019: EU Report

Dialogue on Intellectual Property

7th IP Dialogue – 6 November 2019: Joint Minutes

Working Group on Geographical Indications

7th meeting – 6 November 2019: Joint Report

Working Group on Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

8th meeting – 5 February 2020: Joint Minutes

Dialogue on Electronics

5th Electronics Dialogue – 4 February 2020: Joint Minutes