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Economic Partnerships | Published on 30 June 2021.

African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA): webinars and documents

DG TRADE, with the help of consultants, organised four webinars under an EU project on trade and investment relations with Africa that aims to develop a strategic reflection on EU-Africa trade and investment policy and to strengthen cooperation and dialogue between the European Commission, technical experts and trade practitioners in Africa and in the EU. The webinars addresssed the following topics:

  • 'Rules of origin for EU-Africa Preferential Trade – Lessons Learned and Options for the Future',18 November 2020: eReader | Minutes
  • 'Developing The Automotive Industry In Africa – Opportunities For Industrialisation, Job Creation and Green Growth', 14 December 2020: eReader | Minutes
  • 'Investment Facilitation in Africa – How to make it a reality?', 12 February 2021: eReader | Minutes 
  • 'African Continental Integration, trade agreements and the EU: synergies and challenges', 26 May 2021: eReader | Minutes