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Africa, Caribbean, Pacific | Brussels, 29 July 2021

Commission reports on fifth negotiation round with five Eastern and Southern African countries to deepen existing Economic Partnership Agreement

As part of its transparency commitment, the European Commission published today the report summarising progress made during the latest negotiation round to deepen the existing Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with five Eastern and Southern African partners (ESA5): Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe.

The fifth round took place virtually from 19 to 23 July. The partners discussed technical barriers to trade, rules of origin, trade in services, investment liberalisation and digital trade, public procurement, intellectual property rights, and the means to implement the provisions included in the future agreement. On technical barriers to trade and rules of origin, some constructive discussions allowed for certain progress. In all other chapters, negotiations led to important foundations for substantial textual negotiations in the coming rounds.

The next round is scheduled to take place on 22-26 November 2021.

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