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Case NEPT11-35 - Tableware and kitchenware (ceramic)

  • Type: New Exporting producer treatment Review, Article 11(4)exp
  • Countries investigated: Not available

Timeframe and key steps

This is an indicative timetable for interested parties.
Only the time limits and deadlines set out in the basic regulations and notices of initiation are legally binding.

Initiation stage Provisional stage Definitive stage
Date of initiation Time period envisaged for verification visits 1 Pre-disclosure 2 Provisional Measures 3 Return comments on disclosure / provisional measures 4 Return comments on final disclosure 5 Definitive Measures 6
30 October 2020 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable


Interested parties intending to make submissions or send correspondence to the Commission should follow the instructions given in the Notice of Initiation below.