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The Trade Helpdesk helps you to bring your products onto the EU market by providing information on EU rules and regulations.

The information on this website can be used by both:

  • European firms who want to import products to the EU market
  • exporters from outside the EU who want to export their products to the EU's market

The EU has a number of trade agreements with its partner countries and also sees trade as important for development.

To help importers and exporters seize the trade opportunities of these agreements the EU Trade Helpdesk provides

  1. A search tool to find product-specific market information.
  2. General information about the EU market and the EU trade agreements in place

Within a few minutes companies can check:

  • health, safety and technical standards they'll need to meet
  • customs duties you'll need to pay at the border
  • internal taxes in each of the 28 countries
  • the rules of origin that define where a product is from and whether it profits from preferential duty rates
  • forms to send with your shipments

The results you get are complemented by:

  • The possibility to send us a request for more information on your case
  • A What's New section with import related news.