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More information on specific GSP arrangements

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Chapter VI of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012:

  1. Article 24 explains safeguard investigations
  2. Articles 29-31 outlines safeguard clauses for textile, agriculture and fishery products
  3. Annex V of the Regulation (EU) No 978/2012 lists the GSP products

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 1083/2013 of 28 August 2013 setting out provisions regarding the procedure to call for safeguard measures

The Commission also has trade safeguards in place in case the flow of GSP goods into the EU starts to put European producers at risk.


The Commission, EU Member State, legal persons, associations or representatives of EU producers have the right to call for a safeguard investigation in case of a serious deterioration of the economic and/or financial situation of EU producers.

Tariff preferences under GSP are removed when total imports of such products originating in a beneficiary country increase by at least 13.5% in quantity (by volume) in one year compared to the previous calendar year.

Specific automatic safeguards apply to:

  • Textile, agriculture and fishery products: when total EU imports originating from a GSP beneficiary country increase by at least 13.5% in volume compared to the previous calendar year
  • Textiles, articles of apparel and clothing accessories listed in the regulation: when EU imports from GSP beneficiary countries exceed 17.5% of total EU imports during any 12-month period

Each year, the Commission evaluates whether the safeguards in the textile, agriculture and fisheries sector need to be triggered, and accordingly adopts an implementing act to remove the tariff preferences.

The specific safeguard measures do not apply to EBA beneficiary countries, and not to countries where the share of such products in total EU imports from all GSP-covered countries does not exceed 6%.