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WT/DS273 - Measures affecting trade in commercial vessels

Last update: 23/07/2004

  • Complaint by: EU
  • Complaint against: Korea, Republic Of
  • Third parties:
    China - Japan - Mexico - Norway - Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - United States
Summary of case:

The EC considers that the Korean measures affecting trade in commercial vessels are in breach of Korea's obligations under the provisions of the SCM agreement.

Relevant WTO provision:

SCM (1, 2, 3.1, 5(a and c), 6.3, 6.5)

Current situation:

Consultations held on 22 Nov., 13 Dec. 2002 and 7 May 2003. Panel established on 21 July and composed on 20 Aug. 2003. Annex V procedure started on 21 July 2003 and ended on 10 Nov. 2003. First panel hearing was held on 9 and 10 March. Second hearing took place on 17 and 18 June 2004.


Date of request: 21/10/2002


Date of request: 11/06/2003
Date of establishment: 21/07/2003

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