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WT/DS248 - Definitive safeguard measures on imports of certain steel products

Last update: 12/02/2004

  • Complaint by: EU
  • Complaint against: United States
  • Third parties:
    Canada - Cuba - Mexico - Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - Thailand - Turkey - Venezuela
Summary of case:

The EC considers that these US measures adopted on 5 March 2002 are in breach of the US obligations under the provisions of GATT 1994 and of the Agreement on safeguards.

Relevant WTO provision:

Safeguards (2, 3, 4, 5)

Current situation:

Single panel established under art. 9.1 DSU for the EC, Japan, Korea (14 June 2002), China, Norway and Switzerland (24 June 2002), New Zealand (8 July 2002) and Brazil (29 July 2002). Panel report circulated to WTO members on 11 July 2003. The US filed a notice of appeal on 11 Aug. AB report circulated on 10 Nov. 2003. Panel and AB report adopted on 10 Dec. 2003. US measures terminated on 4 Dec. 2003.


Date of request: 07/03/2002


Date of request: 07/05/2002
Date of establishment: 03/06/2002
Date of circulation of report: 11/07/2003


Date of request: 11/08/2003
Date of circulation of report: 10/11/2003

Date of adoption - panel/AB report:


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