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WT/DS165 - Import measures on certain products from the EC

Last update: 01/12/2003

  • Complaint by: EU
  • Complaint against: United States
  • Third parties:
    Dominica - Ecuador - India - Jamaica - Japan - Saint Lucia
Summary of case:

On 3 March 1999, the US started to withhold liquidation and imposed a contingent liability for 100% duties on $520 million of imports from the EC. The US took this measure based upon its unilateral determination that the EC had failed to implement the Bananas ruling correctly and before the completion of the arbitration procedure.

Relevant WTO provision:

DSU (3, 21, 22, 23)

Current situation:

AB made no recommendations as the condemned measure at issue is no longer in existence.


Date of request: 04/03/1999


Date of request: 11/05/1999
Date of establishment: 16/06/1999
Date of circulation of report: 17/07/2000


Date of request: 12/09/2000
Date of circulation of report: 11/12/2000

Date of adoption - panel/AB report:


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