18 February 2021

An open, sustainable and assertive trade policy

On 18 February, the European Commission published its new trade strategy: Trade Policy Review – An open, sustainable and assertive trade policy.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, geopolitical and geo-economic tensions, a crisis of multilateralism and the climate emergency, the strategy sets out how trade policy will support our economic recovery and the green and digital transitions. How we will shape global rules for more sustainable and fairer globalisation, and strengthen our capacity to defend our interests and values and fight against unfair trade. It prioritises a major reform of the WTO, global cooperation on green trade, and advancing global rules on digital trade. It will help reinforce our alliances, notably with the US, together with a stronger focus on neighbouring countries and Africa. And much more! Where necessary, the EU will take a more assertive stance in defending its interests and values, including through new tools.

The strategy is based on a wide consultation of stakeholders, including European business organisations and it specifically addresses the needs of European companies.

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