Labelling and packaging

This page serves as a reference document only for EU-wide product requirements. Extra requirements may apply depending on the destination EU country. Please refer to My Trade Assistant for full details.

Please be aware that in this page, general description of each heading is provided in all EU languages. However, the details are only available in English.

Labelling and packaging guidelines

The categories of products listed below must comply with the EU's labelling requirements which aim at ensuring that consumers get all the essential information to make an informed choice while purchasing


Labelling of fishery products


Labelling of foodstuffs


Labelling of footwear


Labelling of energy-related products


Labelling of meat products


Labelling of textiles


Energy labelling of tyres


Presentation and labelling of wine and certain wine products



Packaging marketed within the EU must comply with the general requirements, which aim at protecting the environment, as well as with the specific provisions designed to prevent any risk to the health of consumers


Eco-label scheme

The EU Eco-label is awarded to products with the lowest environmental impact in a product range. The aim of the “Flower logo” is to help consumers to identify those products, which contribute significantly to improvements in relation to key environmental aspects. Products can be sold within the EU market without the Flower logo since there are no regulations which oblige to apply for the Eco-label.


Eco-label for light sources


Eco-label for all purpose cleaners and sanitary cleaners


Eco-label for dishwasher detergents


Eco-label for dishwashers


Eco-label for hard coverings


Eco-label for footwear


Eco-label for wooden furniture


Eco-label for hand dishwashing detergents


Eco-label for absorbent hygiene products


Eco-label for notebook computers


Eco-label for laundry detergents


Eco-label for lubricants


Eco-label for bed mattresses


Eco-label for paints and varnishes


Eco-label graphic paper and for tissue paper and tissue products


Eco-label for personal computers


Eco-label for printed paper


Eco-label for rinse-off cosmetic products


Eco-label for textile floor coverings


Eco-label for textile products


Eco-label for televisions


Eco-label for growing media, soil improvers and mulch


Eco-label for water-based heaters


Eco-label for wooden floor coverings


Eco-label for sanitary tapware


Eco-label for imaging equipment


Eco-label for flushing toilets and urinals

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