Countervailing duties on subsidised goods

If your company is considering exporting, this section helps you find out which import duties and other costs you could face. It does not provide product-specific information. For that, you should use the product search function.

Apart from anti-dumping duties, anti-subsidy measures can apply to your product. These are also called countervailing measures. They offset the effects of an unfair subsidy by a trade partner.

Countervailing measures can consist of different tools, but they usually comprise increased duties. A countervailing measure may consist of an additional ad valorem or specific duty. It can be applied in the form of a minimum import price, or it can consist of a 'price undertaking', where the exporter commits to sell the product above a minimum price.

Information on EU anti-subsidy rules and measures

Information on all completed and on-going anti-subsidy investigations in the EU

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