Anti-dumping duties

Apart from regular customs duties, a product can also be subject to anti-dumping or other trade defence instruments.

Dumping occurs when a company exports a product at a lower price than the product's normal value in its home market. This normal value could be the domestic price of the product, or the cost of production.

If an investigation finds that importers have engaged in dumping and this has caused injury to the domestic industry of the importing country, then anti-dumping measures can be imposed on imports of the product concerned.

These measures take one of the following forms

  • an ad valorem duty (taxed according to transaction value)
  • specific duties (taxed per specific amount of the product)
  • price undertakings (the exporter agrees to sell its products at a minimum price)

When your company is considering trading its products, you should find out which import duties and other costs you could face. Please check the available information here

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