Exporting from the EU, importing into the EU
- all you need to know

Access2Markets allows you to obtain information you need when you trade with third countries, such as on tariffs, taxes, procedures, formalities and requirements, rules of origin, export measures, statistics, trade barriers and much more. It also allows you to access key information needed for trade in services as well as for investment and procurement in 3rd countries. You may also learn about EU trade agreements, how to benefit from them and read stories on successful companies using them. Access2Markets is here to help you and your business for import and export.

Single Entry Point

Are you facing trade barriers? Contact us for help

The Single Entry Point is the first point of contact within the European Commission’s trade department for all EU stakeholders who are facing market access issues in third countries or who find non-compliance with sustainability commitments.

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  • News 05 Jun 2024

    CETA ex-post evaluation

    Invitation to participate in the surveys on the CETA ex-post evaluation. You can now share with us your experiences on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

  • News 03 Jun 2024

    Services and investment: new countries, new information

    The Trade Assistant for Services and Investment is expanded! Information is now available, in 24 languages, about key market access requirements for exporting services in 3 countries: Hong Kong, Norway and the US. More will be added soon!

  • News 24 Apr 2024

    The EU-New Zealand trade agreement available in “My Trade Assistant for Goods and ROSA"

    All information about the preferential tariff for each product and the corresponding rules of origin requirements under the EU-New Zealand Trade agreement will be available as of 29 April 2024 in My Trade Assistant tool.

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