EU trade agreements in Access2Markets

EU trade agreements in Access2Markets

Benefit from lower tariffs and other advantages that EU preferential trade agreements offer you!

The EU has more than seventy trade agreements with countries around the globe


These agreements cover nearly two fifths of all EU trade with other countries. Under them, companies from the EU and partner countries enjoy more advantageous conditions than the ones offered under WTO.

The benefits of these agreements include

  • lower or zero tariffs
  • easier and faster customs procedures
  • recognition of product certificates
  • mobility of staff
  • access to public tenders
  • better protection for your IPR

What you should know about the benefits

  • your privileges vary from agreement to agreement and depend on the product/sector
  • not all benefits are automatic - in the goods sector, for instance, you need to
    • prove where your product is made
    • fill in customs forms
    • register in the EU’s REX system or as an Approved Exporter
    • be licensed to provide services
    • have safety certificates for your product
    • apply for protection of your intellectual property
  • you may still face barriers - but the EU’s trade agreement can make it easier to remove them - tell us if you think you are facing a trade barrier when exporting from the EU
  • Companies or individuals cannot enforce trade agreement in court. The EU and the partner countries are, however, legally bound to implement them.  If they do not, in most cases the other party can activate a dispute settlement mechanism.     

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Chapters in Trade Agreements

All new trade agreements will contain a SME Chapter, if the partner country agrees. This would allow a better information exchange on market access issues, as well as a fruitful cooperation between the Commission and the partner country when addressing SMEs-related-issues in the trade agreement.

Besides, on 26 September 2018, the Joint Committee of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA) agreed in a specific SMEs Recommendation that each Party provides online information to SMEs of the other Party about CETA and market access, and that a SME Contact Point on each side work together to tackle SMEs specific issues.

What does Access2Markets offers ?

  • Get an overview of the different types of trade agreements and trade arrangements you can benefit from
  • Understand the main building blocks of a trade agreement
  • Interested in trading with a specific foreign country? Find out more about the conditions that apply in the Markets section and consult our dedicated guides
  • Already know where you want to import from or export to? My Trade Assistant will direct you to the specific conditions and requirements for your product.
  • Not familiar with My Trade assistant yet? Check our user guide and watch our tutorial. 
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