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Trade barriers can take many forms. They can relate to

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Why report a trade barrier?

The European Commission might be able to help you if you are facing a barrier to trade. Inform us and we will examine the possibilities to resolve the barrier so that your exports to countries outside of the EU can grow. This help is provided to all businesses, small and large, in Europe at all stages of exporting. 

How to report a trade barrier

Tell us about your business:

  • In which sector do you work?
  • How can we reach you?

Tell us about your problem:

  • In which country do you face the barrier?
  • Which problem do you face exactly?

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You can also report your barrier to your Member State and/or your industry association. 

How do we respond

Once you reported a trade barrier, we: 

  • Analyse the reported barrier

As soon as a barrier is reported to us, we check if this barrier is already in our database. If not, the relevant geographical and sectorial colleagues as well as the EU Delegation analyse the barrier. This includes for example the legal situation, the economic impact and the geographical scope.

  • Classify it

The barrier is classified not only by its HS code but also by sector (e.g. aircraft) as well as by measure (e.g. labelling).

  • Tackle the barrier

The EU has three main instruments to tackle trade barriers

  • diplomatic actions
  • dispute settlement
  • EU Free Trade Agreements

To decide which one is the right way forward, the EU works together with Member States and industry associations in Brussels as well as in third countries around the globe in a structure we call the Market Access Partnership.

Interested in learning more about this Market Access Partnership? Read more.

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