How to use My Trade Assistant for Procurement

Find out if you are entitled to participate in a given government procurement tender outside the EU in a few easy steps

Step 1: Indicate the country of procurement

  • Start by selecting the "Procurement" tab of "My Trade Assistant" on Access2Markets homepage, and continue
  • By selecting the country where the procurement is taking place it from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Indicate the procuring entity

  • By using the cumulative filtering options, and
  • By browsing the list of entities.


The available filtering criteria are specific to each country.

The full list of entities is presented when no filtering criteria are filled in and the “Search” button is pressed.

The search results are paginated, one being able to choose the number of entries displayed per page (10, 20 or 30). Navigation between pages is available on top of the list.

Once identified, the user can press “Select” button to choose the entity of interest.

Step 3: Indicate the subject matter and the estimated value of the procurement

  • By choosing the “Subject matter” out of the available options
    • Goods
    • Services
    • Construction services
  • And, by specifying the “Estimated value of the tender” expressed in the procurement country’s currency. The system calculates and presents the correspondent value expressed in SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).

Step 4: Respond to successively proposed questions

  • Based on the selected options and on each question’s answer, the system generates the next question to be addressed and offers the possible responses for user’s selection
  • The questions continue to be generated until an assessment is generated.

Step 5: Read the assessment and the Relevant legal texts and guidance documents

  • Based on provided responses, the system generates either
    • A positive assessment, when it appears that EU companies are eligible to bid for given tender, or
    • A negative assessment, when there is no obligation for the procuring entity to consider bids from EU companies.


The assessments are indicative and are not legally binding.


On the “Summary of the information provided” page, one can use, at any time, the option “Edit” to change any of the given answers. As a consequence, the system recalculates and addresses the questions to be asked in the new context.

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