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Help for My Trade Assistant

What does it cover?

  • export of goods from the EU
    • country of origin: EU country
    • country of destination: non-EU country
  • import of goods into the EU
    • country of origin: non-EU country
    • country of destination: EU country
  • intra-EU trade of goods
    • country of origin: EU country
    • country of destination: EU country

How does it work?

Reach your product specific information in a few easy steps:


Step 1: Define your search criteria

  • "Product name or HS code" - editable field; you can
    • fill in an exact product code value – most of the time this is a numeric code, as the vast majority of the national product codes are built on the Harmonized System (HS), or
    • type a text - if you don’t know the product code, you can type one or multiple words – and the system will help you search for the right code, or
    • leave the field empty – if you want to browse general information for a country of destination you can skip the product code
  • "Country of origin" – selectable field; select any country from the list
  • "Country of destination" – selectable field; select a country from the list; the available countries will depend on the country of origin selected
    • if the country of origin is an EU country, the country of destination can be either
      • a non-EU country ( Export from the EU), or
      • another EU country ( intra-EU trade)
    • if the country of origin is a non-EU country, the country of destination must be an EU country ( Importing in the EU).

To select the country of origin and the country of destination, either

  • navigate through the list and then click on the country name for selection, or
  • start typing the first letters of the country for a fast search, then select the country.

Step 2: Launch the search

Click the Search button.

If the system identifies an exact match for your search criteria, the "Search results" will be presented. Go straight to step 3.

Refine your search further

If no exact match is found, further guidance will be displayed under the "Product search" title. Please follow the instructions to be able to find your product code.


How to browse the "List of goods"?

The list of goods displays the product nomenclature for the selected country of destination. To find your product, expand a branch of interest by clicking the symbol until reaching your product of interest. The selectable product codes are marked in yellow.

If you have to browse the "List of goods" following a partially matching search result, the branches containing partially matching values with your searched product are marked in bold. If you did a text-based search for your product code and one of the words you used is contained in the branch title, this is also highlighted in yellow.

The product codes are specific to each country of destination. Please be aware that the system tries to match the value you enter with a product code for the specified country of destination, starting with most relevant digits that identify the chapter.



Step 3: Browse the results

The "Search results" show the exact results available for your search criteria

  • navigate the main sections using the menu on the left
  • larger sections may have sub-sections and/or a supplementary table of content on the right.

If for a specific section data are not available, the section will not be shown (e.g. if no Trade barriers information is available, ‘Trade barriers’ will not appear in the left menu).

The results cover

  • information specific to the country of destination
    • country overview
  • information specific to the product and country of destination
    • nomenclature tree, regular and preferential tariff rates, potential trade defence measures, tariff notes, taxes and additional duties such as VAT, excise duties, levies or fees, procedures and formalities, trade barriers and trade flow statistics
  • Information specific to a trade agreement / trade arrangement
    • mutually recognised geographical indications (GIs)
  • information specific to the product in the context of a trade agreement / trade arrangement
    • tariff dismantling schedule on how the tariffs will reduce over time, rules of origin (including self-assessment tool in some cases).

Depending on your search criteria, your search will fit in one of three scenarios. Each scenario has specific data and an own visual identity

  • export from the EU: blue background
  • import into the EU: yellow background
  • intra-EU trade: grey background

Please refer also to the tailored "How to read the results?" section, available in the left menu of your search results.


Who can access the information

  • information related to scenarios import into the EU and intra-EU trade is accessible for all users
  • only EU based companies can access information related to scenario exports from the EU.

Read more about data sources and copyright.



  • exports from the EU: Product search and Search results are available in English
  • imports into the EU and intra-EU trade
    • product search is available in all EU language
    • search results are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French
  • narrative information in the rest of the website is available in all EU languages through machine-translation.
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