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The Single Entry Point is a team within the European Commission’s trade department, under the leadership of the Chief Trade Enforcement Officer. The Single Entry Point is the first point of contact for all EU stakeholders who are facing potential trade barriers in third countries or who find non-compliance with sustainability rules related to Trade and Sustainable Development or the Generalised Scheme of Preferences.

To help you find your way, the Single Entry Point has developed two complaint forms, one on market access/trade barriers and one on sustainability issues - as well as step-by-step guides to completing them. For matters relating to the Anti-Coercion Instrument and to submit relevant information please visit Anti-Coercion Instrument Single point of contact.

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The Single Entry Point can support you when you are preparing your complaint – you can contact the Single Entry Point directly on As part of the pre-notification process, the Single Entry Point can help you decide whether to launch a complaint and guide you through the complaint process if necessary.

How does the Single Entry Point follow up on complaints?

Once received via the contact forms, the Single Entry Point will ensure a streamlined process to assess your complaint. This includes an assessment of your issue by the relevant experts in DG TRADE in coordination with other European Commission services and EU delegations as relevant. When the assessment has been completed, the Single Entry Point will contact you directly to explain the outcome and potential follow-up actions.

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