Movement Certificate EUR.1


How to apply for a movement certificate EUR1?

  • You can request a movement certificate EUR.1 from your Customs authority or an appointed body (e.g. Chambers of Commerce);
  • The certificate and application must be completed by the exporter or the exporter’s authorised representative and returned to the Customs authority for endorsement;
  • The exporter applying for the movement certificate EUR.1 must be prepared to submit all documents proving the originating status of the products concerned;
  • Appendix 3 includes an example of specimen of a movement certificate EUR.1 and the application form.

Validity and record keeping.

  • The movement certificate EUR.1 is valid for 12 months after its issuance;
  • The documents proving the originating status and any other requirements need to be kept for at least 3 years by the exporter.

Can I apply for an EUR1 after shipment?

  • Yes. You can apply for a retrospective movement certificate EUR. 1. However, this is only allowed in exceptional circumstances.
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